Do you have a twitter account? If yes, you will agree with me that you face an unfortunate challenge of having very few and minimal twitter likes and followers alike on your account. However, this should not deter you whatsoever from socializing on twitter because even those that are already relishing in having many numerical figures of likes and followers once upon a time started somewhere and as the wise men once said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and the same case also applies to getting these twitter likes and followers. It all starts somewhere and to be precise, it starts with a single like and a single follow.

Having said that, it takes a very great deal of commitment and determination if you really want to have more twitter likes and followers. On the sector of likes, you have to ensure that whatever it is that you want to post is quite amusing, appealing and eye-catchy to ensure that one can actually see it and like it. This will in turn prompt one to click like very fast. If you so desire to have as many followers as possible, you can follow many people and expect them to  return the favor back, of which some do, a good number in fact, and as a result, your followers get to increase in number.


Twitter has for a long time now been known as one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. This is due to the fact that it has indeed very many users close to a billion and it is well known for its easy accessibility and good connection between people across the world. so how exactly can you become very popular on twitter? Well, fame on twitter does not come in easily. As a matter of fact, those who could have signed up a couple of years ago are still not yet famous and thus acknowledging that it does not take place in a day, in a week or even in a month is very important so that one can actually embrace hard work in getting many twitter followers and twitter likes.

To achieve this, one can start by following a lot of people on twitter. On a normal circumstance, the people who you have followed will automatically follow back and as a result, you get to have a huge follower base which in turn brings in the popularity aspect because the more followers you get the more popular you get. Furthermore, posting often constructive tweets that are funny and very informative could be an added advantage in attracting many twitter likes and if people see that you are well liked, they become fascinated and get to want to know you better.